A Cochlear Implant Diary: Memoirs of a Bad Ear


by Cindy Jones

The Art Museum: No Ears Required

Me Visiting the Art Museum: No Ears Necessary

Five months before I started this blog I knew almost nothing about cochlear implants.  Then I got one.  I’m sharing my particular experience in this blog because, back when I was wandering the internet trying to understand what I was getting into, I would have wanted to read this diary.  To start reading from the beginning, click on the first entry below.  To read the most recent posts, click the BLOG tab on the sidebar.

How I Got to Be So Deaf
Second Thoughts
And Then I Went to the Support Group
Pre-Surgery TO DO List
Choosing the Device
Last Days of Residual Hearing
My Cochlear Implant Surgery
Post-Op Recovery
Activation Day
One Week After Activation
Two Weeks After Activation
Three Weeks After Activation
Two Months After Activation
Four Months After Activation–CI on Summer Vacation
Six Months After Activation:  Before I Forget
Two Years After Activation: Hearing Made Me Hungry





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4 thoughts on “A Cochlear Implant Diary: Memoirs of a Bad Ear

  1. Mary Taylor

    Wow!!! Thank God I found your site. I just came home from the Doctors office. The injection of steroids didn’t bring back the hearing in my right ear.(Which use to be my good ear). Sudden hearing loss.
    I needed this information as my Doctor was telling me that I should think about a Cochlear Implant.
    You have given me hope.
    Also, I’m going to have my husband read all your posts. You sum up what I’ve been going through for the past 20 years, with hearing aids and feelings of isolation.
    Thank you 1000 times.
    Mary Taylor

  2. Tracy

    I just found your memoir and truly enjoyed every word. I have struggled for almost 50 years with congenital hearing loss and more recently it has crossed a threshold and is just exhausting to exist. I have always managed with reading lips and a lot of smiling but yesterday my specialist in NYC suggested implants. I am very apprehensive, but slightly less today after reading your posts.
    Thank you for sharing. So happy for you and your journey to the ‘hearing’ world. Much continued success.

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