A Cochlear Implant Diary: Memoirs of a Bad Ear


by Cindy Jones

The Art Museum: No Ears Required

Me Visiting the Art Museum: No Ears Necessary

Five months before I started this blog I knew almost nothing about cochlear implants.  Then I got one.  I’m sharing my particular experience in this blog because, back when I was wandering the internet trying to understand what I was getting into, I would have wanted to read this diary.  To start reading from the beginning, click on the first entry below.  To read the most recent posts, click the BLOG tab on the sidebar.

How I Got to Be So Deaf
Second Thoughts
And Then I Went to the Support Group
Pre-Surgery TO DO List
Choosing the Device
Last Days of Residual Hearing
My Cochlear Implant Surgery
Post-Op Recovery
Activation Day
One Week After Activation
Two Weeks After Activation
Three Weeks After Activation
Two Months After Activation
Four Months After Activation–CI on Summer Vacation
Six Months After Activation:  Before I Forget
Two Years After Activation: Hearing Made Me Hungry





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