Pre-Op TO DO List


The BEFORE picture.

I reached the point where I was ready to commit to a cochlear implant and called to schedule my surgery.  But like Dorothy arriving in The Emerald City to ask for a new ear, it wasn’t that easy.  Before a surgery date could even be discussed with The Great And Powerful Oz I would have to fetch a few broomsticks.

I exaggerate.  Various doctors and technicians were required to examine and certify me cochlear implant-ready before proceeding.  Following is the list of people and procedures that signed off on me:

  1. Audiologist to make sure I’m REALLY deaf
  2. Auditory-Verbal Therapist for a preview of what’s to come
  3. Psychotherapist to make sure my spirit is ready
  4. Internist to make sure my body is ready
  5. Brain MRI–last chance for an MRI before magnet installed
  6. Chest X-ray: just checking…
  7.  VNG Test: videonsytagmography where cool and warm air was blown into my ear while I counted back from 100.  (I passed)
  8. And if that wasn’t enough, I was sent to the pharmacy for a pneumonia/shingles vaccination.

When I arrived for my pre-op appointment with Dr. Peters, I felt the confidence of one who has accomplished a demanding mission, actually showing up with the infamous broomstick.  But I’m totally on board.  If there is any reason I should not have a device implanted in my skull, I would rather know before the drilling occurs.


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