Second Thoughts


They HEARD the punchline.


After the diagnosis I scanned the brochures advertising cochlear implant devices and discovered something that caused me to stop in my tracks.  Yep.  The cochlear implant brochures featured the same smiling people that populate the hearing aid brochures.  They’re all laughing at a joke.  And they’re laughing because they HEARD the punch line.

I’ve worn hearing aids for 29 years and I have yet to HEAR a punchline.  If I’m laughing it is because I’m faking it (which I do a lot) or my husband has repeated the punchline for my benefit.  Smiling people on hearing aid brochures do not trick me.  I know what hearing aid hearing is like and these brochures always strike me as false advertising.

So if I don’t believe the bad actors in the hearing ads why should I believe them in the cochlear implant ads?  If cochlear implant improved hearing is similar to hearing aid improved hearing, what’s to get excited about?  And why would I want to give up my residual hearing for that? Hmm?


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